Born in Israel, 1965
Lives and works in Rosh Pina
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Kundina (b. 1965) painter, holds an MA from The Institute for the Graphic Arts, Moscow (1985-1990). Moved to Israel in 1990. One of the founders of The New Barbizon Group. Lecturer at The Arts Institute, Tel Hai College. Her work exhibited in one-person and group shows in Israel and abroad, among them are De Apple Museum, Amsterdam (2020), Erez Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (2019), Hamidrasha Gallery (2019), Museum of Art, Ein Harod (2017), Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2016), Haifa Museum of Art (2014), Circle1 gallery, Berlin. Her work is included in many public and private collections in Israel and abroad including The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Negev Museum of Art, Bar-David Museum, Israel Makov collection, Discount Bank art collection and more.

selected works

  • Ice Creem in Zfat, 2015, oil on canvas, 90x130 cm

  • A red train, 2020, mixed technique on canvas, 150x200 cm

  • Сouple on the Beach, 2017, oil on canvas, 157x218 cm

  • Egged driver, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 117x200 cm

  • Light rail, 2020, Acrylic on linen, 100x185 cm

  • Azrieli night, 2020, mixed technique on canvas, 132x105 cm

  • CHANEL, 2020, mixed technique on canvas, 120x210 cm

  • Tel Aviv beach, 2020, oil on linen, 151x219 cm

  • Har Zion, 2020, mixed technique on canvas, 160x140 cm

  • Ayalon Road 2020, oil on canvas, 150x200 cm

  • Noa, 2020, Oil on canvas, 100x61 cm

  • Herzel st., 2019, acrylic on cardboard, 87x57 cm

  • Neve Tzedek, 2020, oil on canvs, 80x120 cm

  • Self portrait on the bus, 2017, oil on canvas, 50x60 cm

  • Tel Aviv Hashalom, 2017, oil on canvas, 150x200 cm

  • Silver sea, 2020, mixed technique on canvas, 80x120 cm

  • Azrieli, 2020, Oil on canvas, 150x100 cm

  • Herzel st., 2019, Oil on canvas, 150x100 cm

  • Limor, 2020, oil on canvas, 60x50 cm

  • Lunch in Tiberias, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 120x80 cm

selected exhibitions

14.05.2021 ― 03.07.2021
Main space


group exhibition

17.07.2020 ― 29.08.2020
Main space

Ground Control

group exhibition

16.07.2015 ― 22.08.2015
Main space

New Barbizon Group: Works on Paper

group exhibition

selected publications

Back to life

Exhibition curator & catalogue editor: Yaniv Shapira/ Text editor: Rachel Verliebter/ Hebrew & English translation: Rachel Verliebter/ Russian translation: Sivan Beskin/ Hard cover/ 266 pages/ Hebrew and English Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition held at the Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein harod, January-April 2017


1975—1985: Studied painting with artist Yuri Zlotnikov.
1985—1990: Studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Moscow.

Solo Exhibitions
2020: There is Light at the End of The Tunnel, Rrosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2018: Shapira, Red House gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Oren Fischer.
2016: Jerusalem Drawings, bezalel, Jerusalem
2015: Museum Synagogue, Grebzig, Germany
2014: Retrospective, Mishune Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010: Rosh Pina, TEL AVIV, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2008: Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2004: Nora Gallery, Jerusalem.
1996: Landscapes, Nora gallery, Jerusalem,

2018: Performance Art. Teder fm. Tel-Aviv
2014—2015: Artport residency, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014: Plein Air in Hura Bedouin village, Israel
2014: Open Studio, The new bus station, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013: Workshop in The Bat Yam Museum of Art, Bat Yam, Israel
2013: “We – FestiConference”, Jerusalem, Israel
2013: Plein Air in IDF base and in Deheishe Refugee Camp and Bethlehem, Israel and
Occupied Palestinian territories
2013: Plein Air in Leipzig, Germany
2012: 50 shekels street portraits, Fresh Paint Art Fair 5, Tel Aviv, Israel
1994: “Aman Omen Aman” Jerusalem Artists’ House.
1993: “New Light”, Nino nation, Jerusalem. Curfew – Jan Rauchwarger (catalog).

Group Exhibitions
2019: Zumo 3. Hazor Haglilit. curator: Ruth Oppenheim.
2019: America. Hamidrasha Gallery. Israel. curator: Avi Lubin.
2018: Zumo 2. Arad. Curator: Ofra Harnas
2017: Back To Life, Ein Harod museum, Israel. curator Yaniv Shapira. (catalogue)
2016: Regarding Africa, Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism, Tel-Aviv
Museum of art, curator: Ruti Direktor (catalogue).
2016: New Barbizon, THE KIDS WANT COMUNIZM, art museum – Moby Bat Yam.
2015: New Barbizon, Works On Paper Rosenfeld Gallery
2014: Drawing Hura, Hura art center, curator: Moshe Balmas, Hura bedouin
village, Negev, Israel
2014: Chicago Triangle, ART-WOMEN-DISCOURSE, Haifa Museum of Art,
curator: Ruti Director, Haifa, Israel
2014: Masterpieces, Fresh Paint Art Fair 7, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014: Portraits & Landscapes, Circle 1 gallery, curator: Dorit Levite, Berlin,Germany
2014: Drawing Outside, Bar David Museum of Art, curator: Hagai Segev, Kibbutz Bar Am,
Israel (catalogue)
2013: Centrifuge, Nathan Cummings Foundation, curator: Chen Tamir, New York.
2013: New Barbizon, Fresh Paint Art Fair 6, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013: Be’er Sheva Market, Negev Museum of Art, curator: Dalia Manor, Be’er Sheva.
2013: New Barbizon, International festival “White nights in Perm”, PERMM Museum of Art,
curator: Marat Guelman ,Perm, Russia
2012: Cargo Cult, MOBY – Bat Yam Museum of Art, curator: Max Lomberg, Bat Yam, Israel


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