Born in Israel, 1986
Lives and works in Tel Aviv
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Roni Landa is an artist born in Israel in 1986.
Since accomplishing with honors her B.Des degree in Textile Design from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, her practice has continued to revolve around patterns and textures but has developed into the realms of sculpture and art which she continues to explore today, working on her MFA degree in Bezalel Academy of Art.
Greatly inspired by the aesthetic of memento-mori and 16th-century Dutch still-life painting, Landa is best known for her surreal and macabre objects, sculptures, and installations. Luring the viewer to come closer, Landa’s work is visually seductive and appealing at first glance, yet at the same time it critically deals with issues as mortality, the divine, beauty and spoil in a pursue to achieve a delicate balance between lush and sensual to hedonistic, decadent and unsettling.
Landa’s works were featured in various publications, websites and art magazines such as HiFructose, Gestalten and Ha’aretz. She has participated in group exhibitions in institutes such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Israel Museum amongst others, she was featured in a solo exhibition, Grand Finalé, at the Rosenfeld Gallery, where she is now represented.
Landa is currently based in Tel Aviv, where she creates and lives with her husband and two daughters.

selected works

  • Still Life with Two Live Pure Birds Cedar Wood Crimson Thread and Hyssop

  • Installation view

  • Bananas, 2020, Polymer clay and porcelain, 20x20x20 cm

  • Flora Erecta, 2020, Polymer clay, H 31 cm

  • Lilium Candidum, 2017, Polymer clay, H 55 cm

  • Bouquet of Roses, 2018, Polymer clay, H 30 cm,

  • Lettuce, 2017, Polymer Clay, H 25 cm

  • Pears, 2017, Polymer clay, H 14 cm

  • Lemons, 2017, Polymer clay, H 10 cm

  • Corn, 2017, Polymer clay and porcelain, 10x22 cm

  • Frame Cut, 2017, Polymer Clay, H 60 cm

  • Artichoke, 2017, Polymer clay, H 15 cm

  • Cyclamens, 2017, Polymer clay, H 25 cm,

  • Lilium Candidum, 2017, Polymer clay, H 55 cm

  • Lilium Candidum detail , 2017, Polymer clay, H 55 cm

  • Apples, 2016, Polymer clay , H 12 cm

  • Narcissus, 2016, Polymer clay , H 40 cm,

  • Untitled, 2016, Polymer clay, H 40 cm

  • Untitled, 2016, Resin casting, H 18 cm

  • When You will Learn, 2016, Polymer clay, H 20 cm

  • When You will Learn detail , 2016, Polymer clay, H 20 cm

  • When You will Learn detail, 2016, Polymer clay, H 20 cm

selected exhibitions

14.05.2021 ― 03.07.2021
Main space


group exhibition

17.07.2020 ― 29.08.2020
Main space

Ground Control

group exhibition

23.08.2019 ― 14.09.2019
Main space

Summer 2019

group exhibition

04.08.2017 ― 02.09.2017
Main space

Summer 2017

group exhibition


2016: Figurative Ceramic Sculpture studies, Beit Biniamini, Tel Aviv
2011:, Textile Design Dept. with concentration in printmaking, Shenkar, Ramat Gan

Solo Exhibitions
2017: Graduation Party, Rosenfeld gallery Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions
2020: Calling for the Goddess, Beit Ha’ir, Tel Aviv
2020: [Not] Good Time for Love, The Jewish Museum, Moscow
2019: Off Manu: Contemporary Art Abou Food, Badford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
2018: Mixed-media, Villa Da-Da, Ramat-Hasharon
2018: Avatar, Hayarkon 19, Tel Aviv
2018: Masterpiss, Janco Dada Museum Ein-Hod
2017: Shelter, Beit Kandidof, Jaffa
2017: The Inner Child, Ken Hakookia, Jaffa
2017: Messa, Beit Kandidof, Jaffa
2017: Summer 2017, Rosenfeld gallery Tel Aviv
2016: Galebi, Hamishkan Gallery, Beit Meirov, Holon
2016: Slideluck TLV, Bascula, Tel Aviv
2015: Yes-No, Black-White, Hamishkan Gallery, Holon
2014: Terrain, Raziel Gallery, Jaffa
2014: Brush of Fire, Hamishkan Gallery, Holon
2013: Notebook, Beit Haeir, Tel Aviv
2013: Artrick, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2010: Avant-Garde Dress, Tel Aviv Museum of Art featuring Shenkar Students


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    Author: Nuno Miguel Dias

    Conto de Natal | Roni Landa

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